WestJet has reduced operations over the past 7 months from 75,000 flights per day to 2000 each day, due to Covid-19, and travelers preferring to stay close to home. Karen Hawyes is the WestJet Terrace Base Manager, and updated our Rotary Club on the state of WestJet operations after 7 months of the pandemic.
Due to reduced passenger numbers during the pandemic, WestJet had reduced flights into the Northwest Regional Airport to three flights per week. This month, WestJet flights to Terrace will resume to 18 flights per week. WestJet will intends to restart international flights to London and to Mexico in the near future.
WestJet have instituted Covid-19 measures for the protection of passengers, flight crew and ground staff from contact with possible infected persons. On all WestJet flights, it is mandatory that all passengers will wear face masks or face coverings. Temperature screening occurs at the Check-in counter. At Check-in, passenger will enter their contact information to enable contact tracing where Covid-19 infections are reported.  Additionally, WestJet provides public notification of flights affected by Covid-19. Extensive sanitizing procedures are in operation after each flight.
WestJet has supported our Rotary Auction for the past three years with a 'Gift of Flight' and our Club very much appreciates WestJet's donation.