Posted by Bryan Gascon, Membership Chair

This year the Rotary Club of Terrace is piloting a Corporate Membership program to implement the membership flexibility that Rotary International permits.

A Corporate membership allows Rotarian's businesses the opportunity to increase their profile though Rotary and the programs supported by the Rotary Club. A Corporate Membership enables the Rotarian a means to participate in fundraising and volunteering in ways that truly impact the community by being represented by alternates from their business. The business will have one primary Corporate Member and up to 3 Associate Members, and this benefits both the Rotarian and the Club with involvement in Rotary when they cannot attend themselves.

The Club is very pleased to have Coast Mountain College as our first Corporate Member. The Primary Corporate Member, Rotarian Justin Kohlman, is the first to come forward as he acknowledges the flexibility of the program. He has assigned 3 Associate Members that will bring a unique skill-set to the Club’s roster, benefiting Rotary. On the other hand the College maintains an active presence in the Community, one of their primary mandates.

The program is being considered a triple win:

A win for Rotary and the Rotary Club of Terrace, with 3 new talented members.

A win for Coast Mountain College as they grow their profile and continuous involvement in the community.

And a win for the community as the Rotary Club of Terrace push forward with new and exciting programs with the additional support of the College.