Posted by Brian Downie on Nov 12, 2020
The Terrace Rotary Auction, held November 7th and 8th was very successful, raising $50,000, surpassing previous years revenue. Rotarian worked hard to implement pandemic safety measures as well as create new live-streaming initiatives.
Over 225 businesses donated 388 items, valued at $70,380. With that support, and the lively bidding from the community, the 2020 Auction was a huge success.
Funds raised enable the Rotary Club of Terrace is respond to many community projects as well as support international global initiatives.

The pandemic measures meant that how the Auction was produced had to adapt. Following the City of Terrace guidelines, our Covid-19 plan provided direction on limiting public access, masks, physical distancing and sanitization procedures to ensure that volunteers stayed safe.
The largest change was how the Auction was live-streamed. In place of our past well-appreciated CityWest support, Rotarians and our technical advisors developed a successful YouTube platform to show the Auction as was done in the past-  our appreciation goes out to Layne Smashnuk, who developed the auction software, Chris Thomas from TLC Solutions, who provided IT support, and Chris Cain, managing the video production. Without this support, the Auction could not be the success it was. CityWest did provide the necessary phone and fibre optic services, obviously key resources for an online Auction.