Posted by Brian Downie
The Rotary Club of Terrace cancelled our scheduled Dinner Meeting March 16th as a reflection of increasing concerns of the risk of community transmission of the coronavirus COVID-19.
Today the Prime Minister and the BC Chief Medical Officer presented the latest  messaging about precautionary measures to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.  The message was that social distancing, self-isolation where needed and appropriate sanitation procedures is critical to "flattening the curve" of the epidemic.  In particular, gatherings of greater than 50 participants have been prohibited.
Rotary, with our long global experience in disease control, especially polio eradication, understands the need for measures to reduce community transmission, self-isolation when warranted, adequate individual sanitation precautions and extraordinary measures to curb the escalation of an epidemic.
Rotary, and Rotarians, are successful as an organization doing good things for people in our community and globally.  Rotary works well being a dynamic, focussed and goal driven organization.  Continuing those actions are important to our community, to our partners and organizations within the community, and beyond.
The cessation of weekly Rotary meetings hopefully is short term, and will include other planning meetings, youth programs and exchanges.  However Rotary does not stop. The Rotary Club of Terrace will continue to be active, mostly through virtual meetings, and by completing our commitments to projects in the community and elsewhere.
The Rotary Club of Terrace will adapt and will be visible through this website and through our Facebook page.  You can contact our Rotary Club though, or by viewing our Facebook page.  We look forward to staying in contact with you.
Brian Downie
Rotary Club of Terrace