Funding & Projects
Since 1954, the Rotary Club of Terrace has invested in programs and services that benefit our local communities. Our donations have helped:
  • Multiple food programs to assist families, individuals and children in need
  • Students grow their learning through different activities, field trips and post-secondary institutions
  • Promote and preserve and natural beauty in and around the city
If you have a project or program you would like to submit a funding application for please download and complete the Funding Request Form (found on the top left corner of the pageand e-mail it to
Major projects the Rotary Club of Terrace has been a part of:
  • Building the Splash Park behind the library for families to enjoy during the summer
  • Installing a walkway and gazebo at McConnell Estates for the residents to enjoy the outdoors and see a view of the city
  • Adopt-a-Highway semi-annual highway clean up between the roundabout and the Northwest Regional Airport
2019/20 - 2020/21 projects funded by the Rotary Club of Terrace
  • $5,000 was giving to the Helping Hands of Terrace Society for a new working area and storage
  • $500 was giving to the Quantum Leaps Conference to assist in introducing women to STEM research
  • $1,000 was giving to The Dare to Dream Foundation to band cover costs for less fortunate students with a desire to play in band
  • $5,000 was giving to the Dr. REM Lee Hospital Foundation for a colonoscopy to assist in early cancer detection
  • $3,500 was giving to the Parkside Trauma Support Program to cover costs for multiple activities provided for the students
  • $2,000 was giving to Encounters with Canada to assist with students accommodations
  • $3,500 was giving to the Air Cadet League of Canada to replace worn out tables and chairs
  • $3,000 was giving to Phase 2 of the Howe Creek Trail Upgrades to which includes additional kiosk's, replacement of two bridges, and maintenance of worn down sections
  • $4,000 was giving to The Hungary Kids Program to support the Farmer's Market Nutrition Program, which provides coupons for low income individuals and families for the Farmer's Market, and the School Soup Program, which provides soup to a variety of schools in the district and college
  • $3,000 was giving to KidSport to assist helping children register in organized sports